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Kaj Brådd

Kaj Brådd joined Suomen Yritysnotariaatti in 1993 and has executed numerous mergers and acquisitions either as buy or sell commissions, or participated in a role as an expert. These have involved a large variety of industries and sizes of companies. Read more

Jari Sulkanen

Jari Sulkanen came to Yritysnotariaatti in the spring of 2007 and has executed several dozen mergers and acquisitions. Additionally Jari has carried out a large number of consultative assignments such as price valuations and changes of generation. In addition to small and medium-sized companies, Jari has experience in mergers and acquisitions of larger corporations and private equity investors. Read more

Arto Tanskanen

Arto Tanskanen joined Suomen Yritysnotariaatti (M&A Finland) in late autumn 2020. Arto has a background in the industry of manufacturing and has acted in different management- and expertpositions within the electric-, mechanical- and beverage industry. Read more