Kaj Brådd
Econ. Lic.
Espoo Finland
Tele. +358 (0) 207 559 460
Fax. +358 (0) 207 559 466
Cell phone +358 (0)400-442 690

Kaj Brådd joined Suomen Yritysnotariaatti Oy in 1993 and has since then executed numerous mergers and acquisitions either as buy or sell commissions, or participated in a role as an expert. These have involved a large variety of industries and sizes of companies. By education Kaj is an Economics Licentiate in Business Administration and Marketing.

Before joining Suomen Yritysnotariaatti Kaj had an extensive background in international industrial companies in such positions as controller, chief financial officer and chief executive officer, working in Europe, North America and East Asia. During that period he became familiar with M&A’s and the phases of a takeover. Thanks to his extensive experience before and after joining Suomen Yritysnotariaatti, Kaj is accustomed to being with owners and management as well as the people responsible for sales, production and finances.